An ocean is a big body of water. It is the biggest one on the Earth.

Oceans surround the land on the planet. There are 5 oceans in the world: Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Southern and Indian Oceans.

There is more water on the Earth’s surface than land.

Oceans were formed before the dinosaurs were alive when the planet was very hot and there was no sign of life.

Ocean water is not fresh water it is salty.

People have not explored all of the world’s oceans.

The largest ocean is the Pacific Ocean.

Oceans produce a large amount of the oxygen we breathe.

The deepest point in the ocean which we know about is called Mariana trench and is 11 km deep.

Oceans are full of life and amazing creatures.

They are home to whales, dolphins, sharks, crabs, lobsters, clown fish, corals, flying fish, octopus, oysters, squids, shrimps, starfish, jellyfish and so on and so forth.

Oceans are the largest habitat on earth.

habitat – the natural home of an animal or a plant


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