Jackie Robinson was born in 1919 which is long time ago. He was born in the USA.
He came from a poor family. His parents worked very hard on a farm.
When Jackie was a baby his father left the family and his mother moved to California.
She had to work at many different places to make sure Jackie and his 4 brothers and sisters had food for dinner.

  He was so unhappy and worried all the time that he joined a gang for a short time.
Luckily he soon realized that it was a terrible mistake and left the gang.
Jackie wanted to be good so he went back to school. There, his athlete talents were discovered.
He decided to concentrate on sports and played a lot of different ones before he found out that playing baseball is what he liked most. Sometimes in life you are not quite sure what you want to do and that’s why it’s important to look for your own talent and to not give up .
For example, Jackie played football, basketball and even tennis!
But when he discovered the right sport for him, which was baseball, he very quickly became good at it! Newspapers started writing about him and his photographs were taken everywhere he went.
Unfortunately back then people were narrow-minded and for some reason the skin colour mattered to them. Jackie Robinson was the best player but he was black and people didn’t want him on a white team. Of course, it sounds silly now!!!
Try to imagine that! Now we are more intelligent and we know that the colour of our hair, eyes or skin is not important! We are all people and we all have a family and friends who love us and wish us well.
Respect to be respected! Just like in a classroom. 
So Jackie wasn’t welcome at first but he didn’t back down!
He kept practising even harder and became the best of all the players at the time!
And when he was baseball player number one people had no choice but admit his talent and accept him.
At first Jackie played in a league for black players only. Today we don’t have separate leagues because it is just silly. There is one league for the best players who can make it to be part of it!
The man who understood, that having two separate leagues was ridiculous, was Branch Rickey.
He wanted Jackie on his team. His white team.

So Branch sat down with Jackie and told him that it wouldn’t be easy. He was going to be the first black baseball player on a white team and people had a lot to say. But Jackie knew what was right and faced the challenge with courage! He loved his sport and did fantastic things for his team, the Brooklyn Dodgers. People insulted him but he didn’t insult back, people provoked him but he stayed calm and  focused on the game and eventually people got quite because Jackie was number one and there was nothing more to say!
Little by little fans started paying more attention on his actions rather than on his looks.
Exactly like it is supposed to be!
Jackie’s sacrifices, hard work and efforts finally paid off!  We all know that efforts always pay off and injustice always comes to an end sooner or later! That is why people like Jackie Robinson are so important and remain in history forever. On the other hand, those who insulted him are long-forgotten.
Who knows you might be the next Jackie Robinson!






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