A working animal is an animal that is trained to perform tasks.
These animals are domesticated and depend on the humans who take care of them.
Even before people started farming, there were working animals such as hunting dogs.
Around the world there are millions of animals working together with their owners.
What type of a working animal a man would use depends on where he lives.
In Europe farmers prefer horses, donkeys and mules!
Mules have a mom horse and a dad donkey. They combine the best of both!
Mules are intelligent and patient.
Sometimes people choose donkeys over horses because donkeys are not easily distracted and they rarely trip on stones.
In Europe there are farmers who breed oxen to work the land because they are very, very strong animals.
In central Asia where the Himalaya region is, farmers need a working animal that can bear the cold weather and walk on rocky ground. That is why they use yaks. Yaks are strong and hard-working animals.
In other parts of the vast Asian continent where the rice paddy fields are farmers breed water buffaloes.
As you can imagine they don’t mind working in water all day long.
And here are some buffaloes from other parts of the world.
In South America where the high Andean Mountains are, people work alongside llamas.
Llamas are good climbers which helps them a lot to walk on the narrow rocky trails.
They are funny animals because when they get tired they just sit down and rest.
And if you try to make them work, they will just spit right in your face!
 In India and in Africa people prefer elephants to work with. They are strong and patient!
Don’t forget to be thankful to those amazing hard-working friends for all the things they do for us!!!

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