Bali is one of the 17508 islands Indonesia consists of. It is located east of the island of Java and the capital is Denpasar. People speak Balinese and Indonesian. The currency used in Bali is rupia.

 There are a lot of various aspects that make Bali special and different from the other islands around it. The most distinctive one is religion. Bali’s population is predominantly Balinese Hinduistic whereas the main religion in the rest of Indonsia is Islam. Belief plays a central role in the life of Balinese people. All over the island there are shrines of the many gods and deities that Balinese Hindus worship. Offers in the form of small palm-leaf baskets filled with flowers, rice and treats are brought to them 3 times a day. Very interesting is Nyepi – the day that marks the beginning of the new year. During Nyepi everybody remains inside for 24 hours in silence, no one cooks, works, shops are closed, streets – abandoned and the lights are not switched on, even when it gets dark outside. This is all to trick the evil spirits into thinking that the island is abandoned so they won’t bother the people.




shrines – a place where devotion is paid to a holy person

deities – a god or goddess

worship – the ceremonies and prayers offered a divine being


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