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2 grade worksheet

  Marconi was born in Italy in 1874.

He was a great scientists and famous inventor.

He had a lab in which he did a lot of experiments with radio waves.

laboratory – lab

Marconi wanted to invent a telegraph machine without wires.


His machine used radio waves instead of wires in order to send messages through the air.

At first it could not send signals for more than a kilometer.

That is why Marconi kept working hard. He wanted to build a better machine to send messages across the ocean.

In 1901 he went to Newfoundland and installed a lot of antennas.


He tried out his machine and it worked. Marconi sent a radio signal to a nearby ship and the ship sent a message back.

That ship was about 3500 kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1909 Marconi won a Nobel Prize.

Nobel Prize
Nobel Prize

 Marconi invented the radio too!

It could send voices over the air. He set up his own radio station.

When he died in 1937 all radio stations fell silent for two minutes to honour him.

Useful tips!

  • Talk about scientists and inventions.

  • Try to explain the difference between a telegraph machine and a telephone.

  • Try to explain the difference between an invention and a discovery.

lab  laboratory; a room built for scientific experiments

wires – a strand of metal

antenna – a metal rod designed to receive and send TV or radio signals

Nobel Prize – a very prestigious prize 


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