Read with Phonics – phase 4   / phase 5         

1 grade worksheet
2 grade worksheet


note   This reading comprehension could be part of your 2 grade Science or Geography lesson.

In addition to that you will find some exercises linked to 2nd grade English curriculum – adjectives, verbs and nouns! 

It is a great example of a non-fiction vs fiction text.

  Mountains are made of rock and soil.

They stand above the land and take millions

of years to form.

   A lot of people love going to the mountains.

In winter, we go there to ski down the mountain slopes.


In summer, we go there to camp, fish or hike.

If a mountain is very high you can see snow

on its peak even in the middle of summer. 


  The highest mountains in the world do not have

any plants on their peaks.

  Many animals live in the mountains.

Eagles have their nests on the cliffs and the

wild goats love the mountain rocks. 


Mountains are home to rabbits, brown bears and deer too.

  Flowers in the mountains are small and grow very slowly.

Some of them are: purple clover, liatris, Indian paintbrush

and golden rod.

Useful tips!

  • Talk about different types of landscapes.

  • Try to explain the difference between deserts and mountains.

slope  ground that has a natural incline

hike  to walk a great distance for pleasure

peak – the top of a mountain

cliffs – high rock face (landscape)


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