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 Tropical rainforests are warm and wet.
They are home to millions of different plants and animals.
Tropical rainforests are very important to humans, because
they produce most of the oxygen, which we breathe.

 Trees in a tropical rainforest are leafy and tall.
It is a dense forest and when it rains it takes about

10 minutes for a raindrop to travel from the top

of the tree to the ground! 


 There are tropical rainforests in Africa, Asia, Australia,

India and South America.

 In a rainforest you can see monkeys, parrots,

hummingbirds, tigers, colourful frogs and long snakes. 

  There are a lot of insects and exotic plants.


Useful tips!

  • Talk about different types of landscapes.

  • Try to explain the difference between tropical

    rainforests and African savannahs.

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oxygen – the air (one element of it)

breathe – to let air in and out of your body 

dense forest – a forest in which trees grow close together

exotic – unusual or strange to us nature



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