Chose a word for each sentence:

Zebras        trees          tallest          grass        elephant       animals

 1. Savannahs are covered with tall ______.

 2. There are not many _______.

3. Grass is an important food for ________.

4. _________ and elephants eat grass.

5. The world’s largest animal – the African ________;

6. The world’s _______ animal – the giraffe!



Fill in the missing vowel (a, e, i, o, u) to make a word from the text:

gr __ ss               s __ vannah             f __ od               tr __ es              z __ bras

ch __ etahs       eleph __ nts           anim __ l             g __ raffe      Afr __ can


 Write the sentences with capital letters and full stops:

 1. savannahs are hot and dry most of the time


 2. grass is an important food for animals


3.  zebras and elephants eat grass 



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