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  We need food to grow.
The food we eat comes from animals and plants.
Plants have different parts – seeds, roots, stems, leaves and flowers.
We use seeds to plant new trees and flowers.
We put them in the soil and water them.
They need sun to grow strong!
Roots are the part of the plant that grows under the ground in the soil.
Stems help the plant to stand up.
The food we eat comes from different parts of the plants.

  Carrots and radishes are root vegetables.
They grow under the soil.
We use sweet corn seeds to make popcorn!
Broccoli leaves are very good for our health.
Trees give us fruit.
Fruits like apples, pears and oranges make you strong!
You can eat them every day!

  Some of our food come from animals.
They give us eggs, meat and milk!
Eggs come from hens.
Milk comes from cows, goats and sheep.
We use milk to make ice cream, butter and cheese!
There is milk in the yogurt which we have for snack.



Useful tips!

  • Talk about different kinds of food.

  • Try to explain the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods.

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