Chose a word for each sentence:

Indian        berries           hair        people        pots      children

 1. They have dark skin and long black _________.

 2. They can make _______ for cooking.

3. _________ people make tools from wood.

4. Indian ________ go fishing too.

5. The kids often pick up ________ and nuts for food.

6. Very often Indian ________ sing and dance


Fill in the missing vowel (a, e, i, o, u) to make a word from the text:

Ind__an               r__bbit             c__rn                  an__mal                 ch__ldren    

 f__shing              b__rds             n__sts                 fo__d                     c__n

 Write the sentences with capital letters and full stops:

1. they use arrows for hunting  ________________________

2. they work hard ______________________

3. indian children go fishing too _________________


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