Walt Disney is practically a synonym of an animated cartoon. When one hears his name, one immediately thinks of comics, toys, theme parks and cartoons.

   Walter Elias Disney was born in 1901 in Chicago. He had to walk a long road before he became rich and famous. His family moved to Kansas city where the young boy used to deliver the Kansas city newspaper. He would wake up early and deliver the morning newspaper to its almost 700 customers! When finished delivering he went to school. He was often tired and sleepy during lessons and got poor grades. The young Walter used to resume his delivering job at 4 pm after school until dinner time. He did that for 6 years! 

   When he became a teenager he went to a highschool in Chicago and took night classes at the Academy of Fine Arts. During that time World War I burst out and the adolescent cartoonist had the opportunity to draw patriotic pictures for the school newspaper. However, he longed to joined the army and left school. Sadly for him, his request was turned down since he was underaged and that led him to the decision to go to France and drive an ambulance for the Red Cross.

   When the war was over and Walter returned home he had several jobs, drew political caricatures and earned extra money driving an ambulance. His career took off in 1920 when he started creating advertisements for some magazines and film theaters. For a period of time Walter worked in various companies with various people before he finally could found the Disney Brothers’ Studio together with his brother Roy. They based their company in Hollywood and created  cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat, Oswald the Rabbit, Donald Duck and Goofy!

  Walt Disney won 22 Academy Awards and soon his production studio began to expand its business. Today we all know the Disney toy shops, Disneyland and Disney World theme parks, and Disney TV channel!

  The talented cartoonist and businessman died in 1966 after a long battle with lung cancer. 


adolescent – teenage boy or girl


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