The construction work of Golden Gate Bridge started on 5 January 1933 and was finished in April 1937. Before the decision to construct the bridge was made, people had to use a ferry. Golden Bridge is famous for its colour and the fact that it is almost 3 km long, 27 meters wide and 227 meters high! Its chief engineer is Joseph Baermann Strauss and the total cost of the bridge construction was 35 milion dollars.

  It is a suspension bridge which means that it is hung below suspension cables vertically and not built on suspenders.

  Today about 110 000 vehicles cross the bridge every day! Its opening lasted 7 days and about 200 000 people walked on it before it was opened for cars!

  During the construcion 19 workers fell off the bridge but were saved!

  Today a lot of people love taking a walk or riding a bicycle there! It has two pedestrian lanes on both sides next to the 6 lanes for vehicles.

  Sometimes a strong wind is the reason why the bridge is closed. However, it has happened only three times until now.

  Golden Bridge is an unseparable element of San Francisco landscape and it is a place often shown in films and music videos!

  If you happen to be in California and especially in San Francisco, do not forget to have your photo taken on it!!!! It is wonderful!




ferry – is a type of boat used to transport people and vehicles across a body of water

suspenders – a device by which something may be hung

lanes – a narrow way or passage; a track


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