Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is famous as Mahatma which in Sanskrit means “high-souled”. He was born in British India in 1893. His origins are Hindu. Gandhi went in South Africa to work and there he was shocked and surprised by the way the Indian immigrants were treated. He decided to protest peacefully against this injustice. He gave a start to the so-called non-violent protest. Many people joined him and he was arrested more than one time. After 20 years of living in South Africa he finally went back home in India. At that time India was a British colony and Gandhi felt it was unjust too! He started a non co-operation peaceful protest again and many people followed him and his vision for India. The British killed hundreds of demonstrators in 1919. Gandhi’s voice became louder and he was imprisoned for 2 years. Britain wanted higher taxes on salt and that provoked the “March to the Sea” protest where a lot of Indian protestants walked 300 km. to the sea to make their own salt as an act of disagreement! In 1947 Britain gave independence to India but it also divided it into two: Pakistan (mostly Muslim) and India (mostly Hindu). Gandhi opposed the division of the country and in 1948 on 30th January he was assassinated.

  Gandhi was famous for the way he lived! He believed in peace and all of his demonstrations and protests were non violent. He fought for equality and inspired people like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

  He used to wear simple clothing and sandals. He refused to stay in expensive hotels even when he was invited in Britain to press the independence of India. Gandhi had a simple diet of vegetables and rice. He believed and talked about the importance of education and spirituality.

  Mahatma was assassinated in Delhi but his legacy lives! His life is an exceptional inspiration for all of us who love peace and equality!



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