Mexico is a country in North America. Its official name is the United Mexican States and it is the 5th largest country in the continents of America. Even though people in Mexico do not have an official language, the national language is Spanish. This makes Mexico the land with the biggest Spanish-speaking population in the world. The capital, and at the same time the largest city, is Mexico City and the currency they use is peso.

Mexico is very popular for its rich history. The ancient Olmec, Maya and Aztec civilizations are just a few of the most famous civilizations who lived in the territory of Mexico between 1800 and 300 BC. They had a very good knowledge of architecture – building temple-pyramids, writing – they had a sophisticated writing system, astronomy – observing the sun, moon and the stars. There are a lot of artefacts preserved from those civilizations – stone sculptures, paintings on walls ( also called murals), ceramic vases and dishes, masks with precious stones.

Mexico is very well-known for mariachi. This is traditional folk music style. The mariachi groups consist of a couple of people playing the violin, guitars, trumpets and taking turns to sing. Typical are also the colourful clothes and the sombreros – a type of wide straw hat. Very popular sport in Mexico is the bullfighting. It takes place on an arena called a bullring. The people who practice this kind of sport are called matadors. They wear multi-coloured costumes and tease the bulls by waving a red and gold cape from side to side. A lot of very delicious foods come from Mexico. Think of tomatoes, corn, beans, even pineapples – they have all been brought to Europe years ago by the colonists but probably the best ingredient is chocolate!!! The cacao beans have been used as early as 1900 BC and are extremely bitter.



artefacts – objects made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest

murals –  paintings executed directly on a wall

mariachi – traditional Mexican folk music, performed by a small group of musicians

sombreros – a typical Mexican hat

bullfighting – the sport of killing a bull as a public spectacle in an outdoor arena

bullring – the outdoor arena where bullfighting takes place

matadors –  bullfighters who kill bulls 


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