Holland (The Netherlands) is a country in Western Europe. It is a constitutional monarchy which means they have a king but also a parliament! Its capital is the city of Amsterdam but other important cities are Rotterdam and The Hague. The currency used in Holland is euro. The name ‘Netherlands’ comes from the fact that the country is almost entirely below sea level which makes it perfect for riding a bicycle.

  We call the people who live in Holland ‘Dutch’. How strange is that!!!

  If you are travelling across the Netherlands, you would most certainly come across a windmill. They were used for pumping water from the lakes of grinding grains into flour. Holland is also famous for its tulips. Those beautiful colourful flowers have become the symbol of the country. Another specific feature are the clogs. Clogs are kind of wooden shoes that were used in the past and were usually painted in different colours. In almost every city in Holland you can see and take a boat ride on one of the numerous canals. The most impressive ones are in the capital – Amsterdam. The Dutch are probably most popular for the delicious cheese they make. It is hard yellow cheese called gouda and they can even eat it as a snack with mustard!!!



windmill – a building with sails that turns in the wind and generate power to grind corn into flour

tulips – coloured cup-shaped flowers

clogs – shoes that are made of wood and are carefully decorated with paint

gouda – a type of delicious yellow cheese


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