Amozon river is sometimes called “The River Sea” and is situated in the continent of South America. It runs through Guyana, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. It has the largest river basin in the world!

   The biggest part of the basin in covered by the Amazon rainforest   which is also called Amazonia.

    The river is long about 6400 km!!! and during the wet season is about 190 km wide!!! The rainforest is rich of animals and plants. In this tropical paradise there are more

than 14 000 mammals, more than 1500 birds and more than 2000 fish! It is full of insects some of which we do not know yet. It is also the home of the famous gigantic water snake – anaconda!

   It can eat a large animal such as a goat or a sheep! Amazonia is home to cougars and jaguars too!

  Of course, in the beautiful rainforest one can also see some colourful parrots like the macaws!

  They are spectacular because they usually stay in groups of hundreds which is something amazing to see with your eyes.

  The fish in Amazon river is various. There are so many beautiful and exotic fish but  do not forget that there also lives the famous piranha!

  Pirahnas are known for their sharp teeth! Their favourite meal is meat and there are some cases of people who got eaten by this dangerous species!

  If someone loves plants – here there are a lot! The biggest tree is called kapok tree and can grow up to 60 meters and can reach 3 meters in diameter.

 There are some typical tropical trees like the Brazil nut, Cocoa, Rubber tree, Assai palm.

 The territory of these enormous and beautiful rainforest is inhabited by some indigenous peoples. There aren’t many big or modern cities on the river.



rainforest – a forest with heavy rainfall during the year

mammals – a large class of warm-blooded animals

anaconda very large, mostly aquatic snake of tropical SouthAmerica

cougar –  a large powerful wild cat

jaguar – a large wild cat similar to the leopard but with a shorter tailand larger spots on its coat

macaw – any of various parrots of several genera found in Mexico andSouth and Central America

piranha – any of various tropical American freshwater fish have sharpteeth that attack live animals

kapok tree – large tropical tree

indigenous peoples – are those groups of people specially protected by legislation based on their historical traditions and cultural 


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