Japan is a country in Asia. It is an archipelago of 6852 islands!!! There are 4 big islands that make up to 97 % of Japan’s land territory. Its capital city is one of the largest in the world and is called Tokyo. It is one of the most modernized too.The  currency used in Japan is the yen and its symbol is this  ¥. The national sport in Japan is sumo and is a kind of wrestling sport. The wrestler has to maintain certain weight and has to wear clothing specially made for this sport. Japan is famous for its traditional food too! Everybody knows sushi ! It is raw fish with rice. Usually people combine it with a spice called wasabi .                    

     Japanese traditionally wear something that is called a kimono and it looks like this: It is made of silk and is very colourful!!! Some might say comfortable too! Japan is popular for some art forms such as ikebana and origami. The first is the art of arranging flowers! Japanese people take it really seriously and never stop improving it. It is used as decoration in their houses!

     The other art form we have mentioned is the origami-making. It is the art of folding paper in order to create a graet number of shapes and figures! It is a lot of fun and the result can give you a great satisfaction.

    On the Internet there are a lot of sites which can show you how to master this art! The beautiful country of Japan is also famous for its long and rich history. You cannot find a person on the planet who has not heard of the samurai. A samurai is a Japanese warrior who followed a very strict set of rules and carried a sword. These warriers are famous for their moral behaviour and noble class.



archipelago – a large group of islands

sumo – a Japanese wrestling sport

sushi – a Japanese dish of small bites of rice with raw fish

wasabi – a plant used as a spice in Japan

kimono – a long colourful dressing gown 

ikebana – the art of arranging flowers in a harmonious way

origami – the art of making figures by folding paper

samurai – a Japanese warrier


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